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Interesting Stories

Play Spades Card Game Online

Monday, August 03, 2009

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Playing cards is one of the best time-killers ever invented by man. No, I am serious. When you have a couple of friends by your side, all eager to laze around the house, the one game that would excite everyone is a game of spades. But now imagine, you are far away from your friends with no real past time to boast of. How about getting your friends from all over the world back to the living room with a game of Spades - online?

MySpades is the perfect cure for you people out there who miss playing card games with your friends. Know what, even the American soldiers in Iraq play Spades online on MySpades when they are on duty. And the good thing is, even if you are not too educated about the rules, you may still download the application and play free practice games till you actually get to master the whole thing.

Get started. Decide if you want to practice, play with friends or play Spades for cash NOW!
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When was the first moon mission launched?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

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Many think it happened 40 years ago when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon aboard the Apollo whatsoever. But do you know that the first moon mission ever was launched not years back, but centuries back - in the 17th century.

Sounds funny as hell, right? Check this link out. It's now on the front pages of Digg.

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How to gain weight fast

Monday, June 01, 2009

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The fastest way to gain weight is to increase your calorie intake by eating calorie-rich foods like meat, fish, dry fruits. You can also choose high-protein foods such as eggs, beans, pulses beans.

Also, weight training or strength training which involves building of the muscle can add weight. It can build muscles and make your body look less skinny and toned. You start by lifting free weights and then use weight machines
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

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Football is life

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Who is not a fan of Football? In my opinion, it is the greatest game ever invented. The best thing I like about football, you do not love or hate a match based on the players nor the result. Even if the match is a draw, you can still watch it with all vigour and go home happy. That is why someone probably said "Some people think Football is a matter of life and death. He was stupid and he was wrong. In fact, it is much more than just life and death"

Such is the love of the game that predicting the results of the game is as much interesting than the game itself. Betfair is one of the most popular online spots to bet on football matches. I recommend it solely because having watched football matches day in and day out, we do have a fair idea of which team is doing well and stuff. So, why not try and make some money out of it. I would any day do football betting than waste my money on a movie. If you too are one like me, what are you waiting for?

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Want to Increase your Orkut Friends Number?

Monday, January 28, 2008

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You may think that's cool, but beware. Don't just add every Tom, Dick and Harry so that your friends list increases. There is a macromedia script that only people in your friends list can run. This script is capable of logging you off automatically and also be able to hack your password.

You may think you are smart enough to not click on suspicious link. But the problem is one of my friends wanted to prove me this, and all he did was send me a scrap. I visited my scrapbook, read that scrap and when I clicked on another link, my account was logged off. That's scary!
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The France Show 2008

Sunday, November 25, 2007

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Jean-Christophe Novelli, Britain's favourite French Chef, will be one of thestar attractions at The France Show 2008, which runs at London's Olympiafrom 18-20 January.

He will be conducting three live cookery demonstrations each day at the showwith his "mobile" Novelli Academy Cookery School, revealing the secrets thathave made him one of the most celebrated Chefs in Britain.

The Novelli master classes will be among the main highlights of an alreadymouth-watering line-up for the Olympia show, which is expected to attract30,000 visitors. It is being organised by Archant Life, publisher of theUK's three leading French lifestyle magazines - France, Living France andFrench Property News.

Miller Hogg, Regional Managing Director of Archant Life France, said: "Wehave had a wonderful response to the France Show so far from the public andare extremely excited about working with one of the world's greatest Chefs.For anyone with a love of French food, watching Jean-Christophe Novelli inaction is a must."

Jean-Christophe, who started work at the age of 14 as a baker in his hometown of Arras came to Britain in 1984. He is a Michelin and 5AA Rosetteaward winning Chef, whose attributes include AA Chef's Chef of the Year,European Chef of the Year finalist representing Great Britain and theprestigious Egon Ronay Desert of the Year. He won Restaurant of the Year onnumerous occasions and many other awards for culinary excellence.

In 2005 Jean-Christophe established the Novelli Academy, which was votedamong the 'Top 25 Cookery Schools in the World' within three months andoffers a diverse range of courses to suit aspiring cooks of all levels. Ayear ago he branched out again to open his first gastro pub, 'A Touch ofNovelli' at The White Horse in Harpenden.

During 2007 Jean-Christophe launched Novelli Wines - "I have always been aspassionate about wine as I am about food. As a chef, I know that if youserve the right wine with the right food you can turn a good meal into atruly great one. There is a wealth of small producers in France creatingwonderful, and affordable, wines. The France Show is all about sharing andappreciating everything that France can offer."

Jean-Christophe's new recipe book "Everyday Novelli" will be available from1 February 2008, from Headline Publishing, and advance copies can be orderedat the show.

The Novelli Food Theatre will be one of the main attractions at the FranceShow offering demonstrations of cookery to suit all palates. There will besix cookery demonstrations each day, three by Novelli, two by his protégé,Steven Kitchen and one by Franck Raymond, the head Chef of London's oldestFrench restaurant, Mon Plaisir.

Other highlights of the France Show 2008 include a huge property zone,London's largest French market and an extensive holiday travel fair, as wellas insights into French culture, language and lifestyle.

Visitors who pre-register can obtain free tickets or else pay £8 at the dooron the day. For your free tickets and further information about the FranceShow,visit the official website at www.thefranceshow.com
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