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Interesting Stories

Play Spades Card Game Online

Monday, August 03, 2009

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Playing cards is one of the best time-killers ever invented by man. No, I am serious. When you have a couple of friends by your side, all eager to laze around the house, the one game that would excite everyone is a game of spades. But now imagine, you are far away from your friends with no real past time to boast of. How about getting your friends from all over the world back to the living room with a game of Spades - online?

MySpades is the perfect cure for you people out there who miss playing card games with your friends. Know what, even the American soldiers in Iraq play Spades online on MySpades when they are on duty. And the good thing is, even if you are not too educated about the rules, you may still download the application and play free practice games till you actually get to master the whole thing.

Get started. Decide if you want to practice, play with friends or play Spades for cash NOW!
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