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Interesting Stories

Kitchen cabinets

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Most people, while choosing things for your kitchen, either go for wooden or plastic cabinets as they think they are the best choices. But they might also be wrong. Metal make one of the best choices as kitchen cabinets. The reasons for this are numerous. Metals make good cabinets, can suit your capacity, and temperature requirements. Also, some cabinets in aluminium are light and are so easy to use compared to the other heavier counterparts.

Also, you may choose color of your choice, which is a very good thing..
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Is Phone banking beneficial to the bank? Does it get it any money than it does by say an ATM (which I still wonder makes any extra money at all!)..I got an email from my bank that was literally begging me to call them atleast once on their phone banking to check my balance, etc..They are even offering a few lunch boxes as prizes for those who call..

Crazy..They must probably getting a few bucks on my calling them on my phone!!
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Dating website

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Dating websites are a craze today. Today we have a lot of singles finding their right partners from such online dating websites. One such website that is built especially for the BBW dating community and is made for bbw singles is the BBW Romance website. Here, everyone in the community can find the partner that fits their exact dreams, and is one fine platform from where this community can find the partner for life.

You never need to go anywhere else after this website..

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Interesting stories - interesting enough?

Monday, July 23, 2007

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I was recently asked what made me think that my blog, named Interesting Stories was actually interesting. How did I not think about that till now. I pondered for a while about this..Finally, I had to give an answer..I quipped, 'Interesting Question..' :)
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Fitness dates

Friday, July 20, 2007

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21/m/NY - How much do you get to know about such a male? Do you know if he is even fit enough to last for a date!?Okay, that is not to show the usual dating sites in a poor light, but just that your date might turn out to be anybody. He could be frail and weak too, and just might not be your choice. Here comes Fitness Dating - A website where you can browse through thousands of fit people who are looking for a person of a similar kind.

You never know, this is the kind of dating service that is going to build the strong relationships you were always waiting for!!

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Cows cause global warming

Thursday, July 19, 2007

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Recently the scientists dawned on the fact that cows cause global warming more than a SUV. They say that the burps and farts from the cows emit more methane, and hence are dangerous to the environment.

Well, it is exactly not a new finding. Except that it is interpreted in a different way..Since centuries, cow dung is used to make gobar-gas in rural India. That's the staple fuel in these parts..While those people discovered the useful aspect of a cow, the scientists have used the same finding to criminalize the poor animals..
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