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Interesting Stories

Webhost reviews

Thursday, November 30, 2006

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The greatest benefit of discussion forums is while you are looking to purchase a new product, since it gives you both a positive and negative picture, so that you can have a neutral viewpoint. For example, consider Lunarpages. It is the shared webhosting platform of the quite popular hosting service Add2Net.

The Lunarpages user reviews website provides a platform for people to share their positive and negative points about the service offered. This not only gives the users an idea, but also helps the company to keep improving.It also provides a space for the company to offer their coupons to the customers.In fact, they collect the views from forums and even publish the positive and negative views on their website. A nice way to depict what the company stands for - "Do your research when you are finding a host"


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Venture Capital Test

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Think you have a venture capitalist sleeping inside you!?? Then here is good test to measure your ability in that.

You can take the test offered by Electric Pulp in their website. Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for the link.
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The last calling card you will ever need

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

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Does the title here ring a bell? Well, if you are oe who is looking to make cheap long distance calls or save on your bills in general, you would have surely known this. This is the trademarked phrase of Pingo, the prepaid calling card service from the NASDAQ listed company, iBasis.

What I found very interesting in its service was its offer of $5 to everyone who sign up to their service. That is just a starter. Besides, customers also get four hours of free long distance calls to even places half the globe away.

It is probably for this reason that a recent study by the company showed that 90 percent of its customers get loyal after first purchase!!!


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Take-off from Technorati

Friday, November 17, 2006

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Technorati has given a new dimension to blog-links - tags. Tags are used to categorize your content based on its keywords. While its use as a Search Engine optimization technique might not be great, it definitely helps in traffic generation from Technorati.

An article on this at Geeky Speaky talks about the plug ins available to make the Technorati tags on your blog entries. These tags can be made to appear at the end of each entry.


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Fuel prices increasing

Thursday, November 16, 2006

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The fuel prices have been increasing with every passing day. Though there has been a slump over the past few days, if you look at a long-period perspective, petrol is getting unaffordable for the common man.

One way forward is to go electric. But that just doesn't seem to be happening. I shall not go into the controversy that is surrounding this issue. However the other way is quite easy. It is through improving the performance of the vehicle for the same quantity of fuel.
Tornado Fuel Saver are devices that help increasing the turbulence inside the engine, which, if you have studied automobiles, increases the air speed, improves mileage and horsepower, thereby making the vehicle run longer for the same quantity of fuel. This is, in fact, growing at a huge demand, and the prices of these devices are also very affordable, which makes it a good alternative to going electric.


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Bank of America in a soup

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Bank of America is under a controversy for treating a fraud victim like a criminal. Mr. Shinnick was given a fraud cheque, and when though he was suspicious, when he tried depositing the cheque, he was caught and put behind bars and shabbily treated like a criminal.

Not that Mr. Shinnick was right throughout. A Digg member points out from his own experience that mentioning your suspicion right upfront becomes very important. But anyway, the damage has been done, and BoA has of late list over $50 million in deposits from customers who seem to be protesting the way Mr. Shinnick was treated.

Boing Boing readers alone have withdrawn over $75000. You can read the full story here


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Why I Love PPP

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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If you blog or atleast keep track of the blogging world, you would have surely heard about the newest phenomenon, PayPerPost. PPP, as it is widely known is a 'paid to review' website where quality bloggers get paid for review of websites and new products in the market.

How it works is the advertiser offers a certain amount of money for every blogger in the network who accepts to review the product, and if the post matches the basic stipulations, the blogger gets to be paid.

Now, why I like this service is because of its sheer transparency. Ever since PPP started off, there have been quite a lot of copycats who have also offered to pay bloggers for posting reviews. But nothing is as transparent as PPP. The website maintains a message board of all bloggers in the network, and so you simply can't miss out on the hottest product, or more importantly not cheated from getting paid, as you always know if others are also getting paid or not.

More recently, PPP announced a disclosure policy, wherein bloggers were rewarded for being honest to admit that some of their posts were paid, and hence advertiser material. Quite an honest service, I must say..Maybe this was the reason why PPP has simply got popular through word of mouth marketing.


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Hugs campaign

Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Watch this video..Really amazing and inspiring. Looks something taken out from Munnabhai MBBS, the movie


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