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Interesting Stories

Just go Scubish

Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Do you go Scuba Diving? I am not a pro but have done it once and I must say I really loved it..One of the most exciting things I have done. If you are an enthusiast yourself, then you must be checking out Scubish.com which is a new website dedicated to scuba divers. One comprehensive site where you can find out all the hot spots of scuba diving around the world, and it is also a kind of social network where you can network with other scuba divers and discuss your travel plans, in case you are keen on making friends in this area!
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Second Life

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I am planning to join Second Life and try it out as a source of income. I have heard it from so many people that it is a nice way to make additional income. I intend to go on a premium account as well.

Do you have any comments on that, please comment...
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Man of People!

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This is a topic that might bring about a smirk on the faces just with a mention of the topic. But this is still something that deserves discussion because the problems are real. Erectile dysfunction is a problem where men have problem with erection. This can be for a variety of reasons including psychological. But for obvious reasons, you cannot trust those spam mails endorsing drugs to cure this and other related illnesses.

Here is where ManofPeople comes into picture. This is a genuine and real time project dedicated to the men with such problems and consults people on their specific problems and drugs like generic viagra to cure the same. Problems such as erectile dysfunction indeed make a man's life painful and modern treatment methods suggested by ManofPeople do have a critical role to play here.
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Blackle saves power you waste on Google!

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Corporates often go for CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities to 'show' that their company cares about the people too. Now, there is this website that is on similar lines taking up at Google. It is said that white background pages consume more power than black screens. And Google being one the top viewed pages in the world definitely would save power by using a black background. Blackle.com is a black clone of Google, except that they also make money by the searches made. Nice business plan rite!
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Where Home meets office

Saturday, September 22, 2007

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Many people do not see the difference between purchasing furniture for home and one for the office. The requirements and the style are very different, and it is not often that you get to see furnitures of both these kinds under a single roof. But here you have FurnitureFromHome that has a variety of furniture for the Home and Office. Unlike conventional furniture websites that classify furniture based on the style and price, here the furniture is classified as bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Furniture Home office . Also, check out the peninsula desk which is one of the more exquisite pieces.

The prices are also very affordable. Definitely a thumbs up for the site from my end.
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Want a India Pakistan final

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Today India and Pakistan are facing Australia and New Zealand respectively in the semi finals. I am praying for it to be a India Pakistan final. It is not just because it is the ultimate match that can ever be in a final, but also because I do not want to see Australia winning the world cup again. All hopes on India today. Please, do it!
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