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Interesting Stories

Google Adsense on Orkut

Friday, September 29, 2006

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I pretty much guess that this is one of the first reports on this news. Google has finally did the most awaited..Adsense finally arrives on Orkut. For the uninitiated, Adsense is Google's sponsored listing programme through which hundreds and thousands of website owners advertise on Google by paying up for their Adwords programme. This was already made available in Gmail, Blogger, etc which are part of Google.

However, Orkut, Google's social-networking site remained unpolluted from the cloaks of Adsense ads. Those days of pure talk seems to be over as Adsense ads have finally started to appear in vertical blocks on the 'communities' section of Orkut.


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Sania defeats Hingis in a historic revenge

Thursday, September 28, 2006

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Sania Mirza from India lost to Martina Hingis just last week in front of the home crowd at the Sunfeast Open..Today in a historic revenge, she has come back and defeated Martina Hingis 4-6 6-0 6-4 at the Korea open..

Now what impresses me about Sania was the temperament to come back and hit back. Everyone knows the kind of swing she gets into if she starts to get going, especially against the big stars.

The difference this time however has been the time of winning it. Usually in the past, she won against opponents who weren't aware of her big strokes and so were caught by surprise.But this time, it was against someone who has actually studied her and infact defeated her twice in the recent past.

Time to rejoice and get back into the top 30, rather top 10 this time around. Go Sania.

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Muhammad Cartoon Gallery - HUMAN EVENTS

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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Though the Danish cartoon controversy kept us all busy on the newspaper for so long a time, I never actually got to see the actual cartoon that created the controversy.

This particular link contains a few cartoons which it claims to be those of the cartoons that started the controversy. Does not look that offending at first glance, but anyway, I am not Muslim, so cannot understand their sensibilities.

Muhammad Cartoon Gallery - HUMAN EVENTS
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Top Five Credit Mistakes - Associated Content

Friday, September 08, 2006

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Everyone of us like to acquire credit. This is because it gives you the power to get something that you cannot afford. Came across this article on five credit mistakes..While the article deals on detail with the mistakes, let me just put forward the basic points:

Do not open numerous lines of credit
Have a look at the minumum payment and the credit card balance
Do not have too many Maxed-out credit accounts
Do not make a late credit payment
Get your annual credit report annually.

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Missing Dana Sokol!!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

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Let us see if it works. A person called Debbie Good has been trying to harness the power of Internet to locate a missing person called Dana Sokol who went missing about 35-40 years ago.

I do not know if this real or fake news, but thought it was interesting enough to put it in here..If she is ever located this way, atleast I shall have something to say that I contributed too..
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Disney cartoons on veggie cartons

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If kids refuse to eat vegetables, Disney thinks Mickey Mouse can offer help. Cartoon characters like Mickey mouse, SpongeBob and Tasmanian Devil shall soon be featured on vegetable cartons, according to Disney's recent licensing agreement with Imagination farms LLC who shall provide fruits and vegetables for the Disney Garden brand.Read More
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Netscape bans Celebrity name registrations

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Now, this is kind of lame as the article itself points out. Netscape has now come up with a proclamation on its registration page that it will not tolerate any account names that sound like that of a celebrity.,unless you are actually a celebrity yourself.

How on hell will Netscape know if I am actually a celebrity or not? Now, whoever in Netscape suggested this must be a dumbhead, so were those who heeded to it.Read More
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What Materrazi told Zidane?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Finally, the cat is out of the bag..It was Materrazi's provocation that led Zidane to head-butt him in the World Cup final of Football.

Materrazi has finally revealed that when Zidane had told him that he would give him his France TShirt after the match after the latter's persistent shirt-tugging, he is supposedly retorted that he would prefer his sister instead.

Adding on, Materrazi has said that it is Zidane who was the provocator and not himself..
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Open Source Programming - why the world needs it

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Now, I am a big fan of this..the Open Programming concept. The forefront of this phenomenon in my view is Google, almost all of whose products is available FREE to its users. This means that anybody can download it and use it. The problem of privacy for which Microsoft spends millions is nullified automatically.

Now, on similar lines, we now have OpenOffice, Wikipedia, etc which offer people like me so much of resource for free.

This is a small article on just the same...

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A hands-on comparison on Online Word processors

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Do you use online word processors? Well, I do not, but then came up on this story from Digg. It compares the functioning of the online word processors like ajaxWrite, Writely, ThinkFree and Zoho

One point which the article starts off mentioning is that Zoho and ajaxWrite actually open directly in an editing window while Writely and ThinkFree open on a list of files and an administration toolbar. Even amongst the first two, Zoho opens with the last document while ajaxWrite opens on a Welcome page.

Click and open the article in a new window, if you are interested in knowing more.

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