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Interesting Stories


Thursday, June 14, 2007

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If you were wondering what ambatchmasterpublisher is, then let me tell you that ambatchmasterpublisher is the keyword for a new SEO contest that is being held. At the end of the competition, whoever holds the top most result on Google, he/she is the winner. We will know it by next week, who the winner of ambatchmasterpublisher is..Keep hoping..


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New Drug Rehab program

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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It is always nice to see organizations gearing up to save ignorant teens who fall into the trap of drug addiction. I know that some work and some do not. But, here is a new 28 day treatment program to cure drug addiction. This has come up in Michigan. Why I think it is genuine is because the site gives most of the tips for free from their website itself, not something like you pay us and then we will treat you kind.
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Google Privacy over-exaggerated

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Google was declared as one with worst privacy laws. Over this, there was this report on SE Journal today. Look at the comments and you will know how lame people stoop to have a dig at G. And I thought Google was one of the most loved companies...
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Playlist compiler

Monday, June 11, 2007

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How do you listen to your list of favorite music from your blog? It is simple. Just embed your free music playlist from MyPlayList and you can have a picture playlist running on your blog.

I guess it is a nice idea to share your favorite songs using your own playlists. I have included a demo playlist with this post. I am sure you are going to say, 'This is Cool!'...

myplaylistpicture playlistmusic playlist
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ESPN acquires CricInfo

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ESPN has announced that they are acquiring cricinfo.com from the Wisden group. I think this is going to transform cricinfo radically. I only pray that they allow live cricket streaming on cricinfo which shall help so many of us. ESPN,are you listening?


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