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Interesting Stories

Trade Secret

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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Recently all members in my extended family decided to join a Yahoo Groups so that we may all remain in touch. Each one of us in different parts of the world, and this was one good way. My uncle who always keeps the groups active used to keep sending funny pictures now and then, and when asked the source he used to say, it is a 'trade secret'..Haha., we just broke it today. He keeps them all coming from a website called FunnyPop. I just saw that it was one good collection of all the kind of funny pictures, jokes and other stuffs. No longer a trade secret,eh?


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Pedal powered Roller Coaster

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Digg showed this link today. It is a pedal-powered roller coaster. Naah! I'm not coming..What if my feet start aching while I'm sitting upside down. I don't want to come flying down!


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