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Interesting Stories

Starcraft 2

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

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I am a huge fan of Starcraft: Brood War and have spent days together playing it to advance to the various levels. But now it has been sometime, and I no longer feel it challenging to play the same game.I recently came to know that the next version of the game, Starcraft 2 is coming very soon. That's an exciting news. But the sad part is noone is sure when. According to a survey at a starcraft fansite, the game is most likely to come in late 2008..Now, that's sometime off!!
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Social Networks

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What Social network websites do you use? Put it in the comments. I frequent Orkut, Pownce, LinkedIn. Orkut is the most popular here. The others I visit whenever I remember that I am a member of that one too. What do you think, will Social networking overtake traditional networking as the most convenient medium? Comments please.
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