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Interesting Stories

Find your therapist

Friday, February 23, 2007

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How do you go about finding a therapist for your ailments? One thing is that you not only need to find out the best therapist available out there, but also find the one therapist who is in your local area. Obviously you wouldn't want to travel from California to Miami for treatment!

Here is a site that will help you in this. You can use the site's 7 factor search engine to find a therapist of your choice and need. I bet you wouldn't find another easy way to find an alternative!!!


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What's your feedback

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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I am just studying my blog to find out how it looks to my visitors. Do you find the blog informative and good? Is the design good enough or does it suck? How is it compared to my other blogs? Do write back in the comments, if you have something to write!
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PPP rocks!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

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When I joined PayPerPost a long time back, I remember having asked one of the other members who was already in there about the kind of money one could expect to..I presumed that even if I made four dollars per post, I could make 12 dollars per blog a day. But then, these days, I do not write to the maximum limit that is permissible with PayPerPost. But still consistently make more than what I calculated then. The reason: Simply that PayPerPost has increased in its value so much that the pay that you sometimes make per post simply takes your breath away. For example, there is one 'opportunity' out there now that pays $1000 per post! I was like, Wow!

Now, there are other websites too that have unwittingly copied the PPP model to pay bloggers for reviewing, like Review Me. But I guess profit is a key there. Advertisers are asked to pay 50 percent service charge. That means, only half of what you pay can actually be used to pay the bloggers to write. PPP on the other hand is cool, just 35 percent!

The only thing is that bloggers require a Disclosure as you see beside my post, to make money blogging. But then, that only increases your credibility as a writer!!


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Dude, just 4 more days!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

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Dude..It is already February 10. It is now less than 4 days, and you shall stand exposed again. What is going to be your answer when people find you got no girlfriend? Don't you need a girlfriend this Valentine. What are you going to lose if you can find yourself one from a free Online Dating site.

The world is so small. It just takes a click of a button for you to find your partner for life. And I presume if you can't find one from this one huge list, then chances that you might find it elsewhere is kind of minimal ;-)

Ok, I was just kidding, but then, it is always an in-thing to find a girlfriend online. After all, everyone needs to buy a rose this 14th!


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Of Astronauts and Pigs..

Friday, February 09, 2007

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Came across this story. Here are somethings you did not know last week:

Astronauts wear nappies during launch and re-entry because they can't stop what they're doing should they need to urinate and other nuggets of info.

A pig's mood is indicated by its tail. It is happy when the tail is tightly coiled and unhappy when it hangs limp.

Hilarious, aint it!?


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Materazzi's own country

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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You might not like Materrazi. But you definitely would not feel the same about his country. What I adore most in Italy are their favorite contribution to the word, the Pizzas. Breakfasts are no longer the same now. That apart, I also recently heard that tourism in Italy has been growing quite hugely of late, and as a consequence the properties in Italy are experiencing quite a boom. This sudden interest of property in Italy has taken even the local property dealers by surprise. How I would love money to invest in Italy now!
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Dubyaman feels it lonely at the top

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The confidence on the American Prez kept falling quite consistently over the past few years. But then, that was only among the American public. Atleast the politicians had their loyalties defined. But then, a new report says that Bush feels betrayed even by his very team of leaders!

It's too lonely at the top Dubya...


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Wear Greek

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It is customary these days to make shirts for every tiny group you belong to in college. It is just a mark to show that you belong to that particular group or department in college. In my college, there are also tshirts made for those who do not belong to any department. And that's how they want to be seen!

Rather than making their own designs, there was this painters group who got greek shirts done. It became an instant craze, simply because not many have these greek letter shirts out here. Our department immediately started their brainstorming about how they should also do it next time. Be a first mover atleast sometime guys!


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World's narrowest office building

Monday, February 05, 2007

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Came across this on Digg. This is supposedly the world's narrowest office building. That's surprising. I have seen narrower things here. Not sure what is perceived an office building, but I am atleast sure they exist.


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When Credit cards changed shape

Friday, February 02, 2007

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Here is a trivia. Credit cards never had changed their shape in over 37 years in the UK. Mint Cards were the first to change the shape for the first time ever in this period. This card is now offering quite a few interesting offers. Till December, there are no interest charges on balance transfers. I would then advise you to go for this card, in case you wanted debt transfers or had to do some purchasing. You can actually save a lot of money during this period over other cards.

Even during the other periods, the card offers a 56 day interest free period during purchases. And on balance transfers there is only a 2.9 percent fee. Now, that is defintely quite less from the one I am using currently. This, definitely is a gift card for your purchases. Time to switch cards!??


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Female Sleepwalker used to have sex with strangers in sleep

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This Digg story was kind of amusing. Docs in US have supposedly cured a female who had a weird problem. She used to walk in sleep. That was the serious part. Above that, she used to have sex with strangers in her sleep. Now, who was the guy who cured her!?
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