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Interesting Stories

Unbelievably crazy eBay bid

Monday, October 16, 2006

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I was simply laughing over this eBay bid which I recently came across on one of the websites. The seller says that he found this key 'lurking' in the back shed and he 'caught' it at the right moment before it escaped and producing before for an auction.

This is one of the popular topics in the websites discussing such weird auctions. One interesting aspect: It has already fetched two potential buyers, with still five more days to go!
posted by Anand, 3:49 PM


wow, here is a crazy ebay auction or at least one of the strange ebay auctions i have seen!
I was searching for alice cooper stuff on ebay and this guy is selling a set of alice cooper videos and tickets and stuff, and his auction has 666 in the title AND it was the 666th item to have 666 in the title when he or she listed it! thats crazy, so they put a screen capture of it into the auction.

just thought i would share!

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:55 PM  

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