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Interesting Stories

When Credit cards changed shape

Friday, February 02, 2007

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Here is a trivia. Credit cards never had changed their shape in over 37 years in the UK. Mint Cards were the first to change the shape for the first time ever in this period. This card is now offering quite a few interesting offers. Till December, there are no interest charges on balance transfers. I would then advise you to go for this card, in case you wanted debt transfers or had to do some purchasing. You can actually save a lot of money during this period over other cards.

Even during the other periods, the card offers a 56 day interest free period during purchases. And on balance transfers there is only a 2.9 percent fee. Now, that is defintely quite less from the one I am using currently. This, definitely is a gift card for your purchases. Time to switch cards!??


posted by Anand, 9:07 AM


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