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Interesting Stories

Malaysian car manufacturer debuts world's first water-powered hybrid

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

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Hydrogen fuel has been researched extensively by both Mazda with their Hydrogen Renesis engine as well as BMW with their hydrogen powered V12 7-series, but these technologies never made it into the production line because of trouble separating hydrogen from water.

If this technology works properly, it is definitely a major worldwide breakthrough in alternative fuels. It SHOULD work properly, since it’s in a PRODUCTION car.

Hydrogen cars are very efficient. Any of you remember the Mercedes Benz F600 Hygenius Concept I posted a long time ago? That car ran on hydrogen as well, but the hydrogen is stored in fuel cells. Where to get this hydrogen has always been a problem. LMG’s on-board electrolysis device could be the catalyst to a new generation of fuel saving hybrids. For now, LMG’s system runs on a mix of both petrol and hydrogen, but a pure hydrogen system would definitely be possible. The mixture of petrol and water results in an effective reduction in fuel consumption of up to 50%.

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posted by Anand, 12:53 AM


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