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Interesting Stories

Waging War Against Click Fraud

Friday, August 18, 2006

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"When it comes to click fraud, search engines are on the defensive. In lawsuits, advertisers accuse Internet companies of failing to adequately guard against a practice that's lining the pockets of scam artists and artificially inflating ad rates. Part of the problem is that search engines like Google and Yahoo! aren't doing enough to stop it."

Well, my view is that click fraud is something that cannot be stopped altogether...At present, the only way search engines can determine a fraud click is either from a click attack or repeated ad clicks from the same ip.

But then, look at third world countries, the exchange rates are high enough that even a couple of clicks a day can make enough returns..And sometimes, search engines will not even be able to detect them.

Only way out is to make hay while the sun shines and keep going with the PPC model as long as it exists. And when fraud detection goes out of hand, find some suitable alternative advertising model to shift to.

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posted by Anand, 8:12 AM


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