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Interesting Stories

Why I Love PPP

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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If you blog or atleast keep track of the blogging world, you would have surely heard about the newest phenomenon, PayPerPost. PPP, as it is widely known is a 'paid to review' website where quality bloggers get paid for review of websites and new products in the market.

How it works is the advertiser offers a certain amount of money for every blogger in the network who accepts to review the product, and if the post matches the basic stipulations, the blogger gets to be paid.

Now, why I like this service is because of its sheer transparency. Ever since PPP started off, there have been quite a lot of copycats who have also offered to pay bloggers for posting reviews. But nothing is as transparent as PPP. The website maintains a message board of all bloggers in the network, and so you simply can't miss out on the hottest product, or more importantly not cheated from getting paid, as you always know if others are also getting paid or not.

More recently, PPP announced a disclosure policy, wherein bloggers were rewarded for being honest to admit that some of their posts were paid, and hence advertiser material. Quite an honest service, I must say..Maybe this was the reason why PPP has simply got popular through word of mouth marketing.


posted by Anand, 11:48 AM


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