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Interesting Stories

Dude, just 4 more days!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

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Dude..It is already February 10. It is now less than 4 days, and you shall stand exposed again. What is going to be your answer when people find you got no girlfriend? Don't you need a girlfriend this Valentine. What are you going to lose if you can find yourself one from a free Online Dating site.

The world is so small. It just takes a click of a button for you to find your partner for life. And I presume if you can't find one from this one huge list, then chances that you might find it elsewhere is kind of minimal ;-)

Ok, I was just kidding, but then, it is always an in-thing to find a girlfriend online. After all, everyone needs to buy a rose this 14th!


posted by Anand, 11:53 AM


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