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Interesting Stories

Bank of America in a soup

Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Bank of America is under a controversy for treating a fraud victim like a criminal. Mr. Shinnick was given a fraud cheque, and when though he was suspicious, when he tried depositing the cheque, he was caught and put behind bars and shabbily treated like a criminal.

Not that Mr. Shinnick was right throughout. A Digg member points out from his own experience that mentioning your suspicion right upfront becomes very important. But anyway, the damage has been done, and BoA has of late list over $50 million in deposits from customers who seem to be protesting the way Mr. Shinnick was treated.

Boing Boing readers alone have withdrawn over $75000. You can read the full story here


posted by Anand, 5:40 AM


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