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Interesting Stories

PPP rocks!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

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When I joined PayPerPost a long time back, I remember having asked one of the other members who was already in there about the kind of money one could expect to..I presumed that even if I made four dollars per post, I could make 12 dollars per blog a day. But then, these days, I do not write to the maximum limit that is permissible with PayPerPost. But still consistently make more than what I calculated then. The reason: Simply that PayPerPost has increased in its value so much that the pay that you sometimes make per post simply takes your breath away. For example, there is one 'opportunity' out there now that pays $1000 per post! I was like, Wow!

Now, there are other websites too that have unwittingly copied the PPP model to pay bloggers for reviewing, like Review Me. But I guess profit is a key there. Advertisers are asked to pay 50 percent service charge. That means, only half of what you pay can actually be used to pay the bloggers to write. PPP on the other hand is cool, just 35 percent!

The only thing is that bloggers require a Disclosure as you see beside my post, to make money blogging. But then, that only increases your credibility as a writer!!


posted by Anand, 9:46 AM


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