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Interesting Stories

Webhost reviews

Thursday, November 30, 2006

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The greatest benefit of discussion forums is while you are looking to purchase a new product, since it gives you both a positive and negative picture, so that you can have a neutral viewpoint. For example, consider Lunarpages. It is the shared webhosting platform of the quite popular hosting service Add2Net.

The Lunarpages user reviews website provides a platform for people to share their positive and negative points about the service offered. This not only gives the users an idea, but also helps the company to keep improving.It also provides a space for the company to offer their coupons to the customers.In fact, they collect the views from forums and even publish the positive and negative views on their website. A nice way to depict what the company stands for - "Do your research when you are finding a host"


posted by Anand, 3:19 AM


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