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Interesting Stories

Fuel prices increasing

Thursday, November 16, 2006

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The fuel prices have been increasing with every passing day. Though there has been a slump over the past few days, if you look at a long-period perspective, petrol is getting unaffordable for the common man.

One way forward is to go electric. But that just doesn't seem to be happening. I shall not go into the controversy that is surrounding this issue. However the other way is quite easy. It is through improving the performance of the vehicle for the same quantity of fuel.
Tornado Fuel Saver are devices that help increasing the turbulence inside the engine, which, if you have studied automobiles, increases the air speed, improves mileage and horsepower, thereby making the vehicle run longer for the same quantity of fuel. This is, in fact, growing at a huge demand, and the prices of these devices are also very affordable, which makes it a good alternative to going electric.


posted by Anand, 7:41 AM


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